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Counselling is a therapeutic relationship between a Psychologist and the client. The psychologist assumes a non-judgemental approach in understanding the client’s problems and then assist them in gaining skills to better manage their condition.

The counselling process begins with me undertaking an in-depth assessment of your presenting issues. This would entail in my listening to what made you seek counselling and then asking you more questions that relate to your problems. I would also explore and then highlight your strengths, resources and support systems that you may or may not be fully aware of. After this, we work on formulating some realistic goals and the process that will enable us to achieve your goals. Therapy process is collaboration between the client and the psychologist. You as the client decide what you want to achieve and at what pace and my role as a psychologist is to guide you and provide you with the skills required to achieve your goals. I use my expertise gained through education and training to undertaking a counselling approach or type of therapy that is suitable to you, your problems and your goals.

All the information gathered as a part of the counselling process is confidential and is stored securely.

Medicare Australia provides a rebate to eligible clients if they have a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) done by a GP. Some clients however self refer themselves and I do provide counselling to these clients as well.
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*With EFTPOS payments, Rebate is available on the spot.

I provide counselling to two (Relationship) or more people (Family) who share a relationship. These two individuals are not necessarily couples but can be siblings or a mother-daughter or father-son duo for example. I also provide or include the whole family in a counselling setting if requested by the family or where I deemed fit. In either of these settings, I allow a clear flow of communication between the parties involved. Due to various issues within the relationships, some of these clients have difficulty expressing themselves effectively or are unable to comprehend what the other individual is sharing. Often heated arguments may take place and the meaning of the words being used is displayed. Through a ‘third party’ involvement such as myself, these individuals are able to understand the root of the issues as well work together towards enhancing their relationships.
Client confidentiality is taken the utmost care of in the counselling process. All the information gathered from you in or prior to the sessions are securely stored electronically. The confidentiality is breached only if the client is involved in any form of legal matters and I am subpoenaed by a court.
Online counselling is where the psychologist and the client engage in therapy using mediums such as online chatting or via Skype. Access to the internet has made it easier for people all over the world to keep in touch with each other on a more regular basis. Having lived in Australia for the past 11 years, I wouldn’t have been able to communicate with my family back in India on a regular basis if it wasn’t for access to mediums such as Skype. The therapeutic process is similar to face to face counselling and the client is able to engage with the psychologist from the comfort and privacy of their own home.
Unfortunately there is a lot of stigma associated with seeking psychological help or counselling in countries like India. There is limited access to psychologists in India to begin with and lack of understanding as to how counselling works makes it harder for people to accept help for improving their mental health. During my last visit to India in 2012, my family experienced a loss of a family member who was terminally ill and a very close friend was going through a marriage break-up. I witnessed firsthand the lack of psychological support available that could have helped these loved ones to cope better with their individual situations.

This encouraged me to commence my private practice online which has enabled me to connect to clients in smaller towns of India via Skype and provide them with valuable support and counselling. The strong relationships that I have built with these clients have allowed me to guide them better and help them better quality of life.

Making and attending the first appointment is sometimes the hardest and yet the most important decision one can take. Your mind may cause feelings of uncertainty and even question your ability to bring about some of the changes required to improve your life. I invite you to take that first step and make an appointment, despite what your mind is telling you.

I accept clients that are self referred or have a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) formulated by a GP. Medicare Rebates apply for clients with a MHCP.

Please call the location numbers direction or submit an enquiry. I will endeavour to respond within the next 48 hours.

Clients from India are requested to submit an enquiry and an information package will be emailed to you within the next 48 hours.