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Meredith Brooks


I am a bitch, I am a lover
I am a child, I am a mother
The chorus of this song best describes my views on how I strongly believe a human is capable of being more than one thing at a time and especially capable of feeling more than one thing at a time! If we focus on one feeling only (healthy or unhealthy) we automatically discount everything else that is on offer too. I am not implying that we are not capable of basking in blissful moments at all. I am all up for bringing in the good stuff, highlighting and announcing them too if that is what rocks your boat. But what I am focusing on here is that you are allowed to feel more than one thing at a time because no one feeling is truer than the other.
What matter is being aware of the various emotions within you and working on accepting them for what they are. Without trying to challenge or change them.
  • I love my body for it provides a home for my soul, for all the amazing things it allows me to experience and yet at times i struggle to work on keeping it healthy and manage its wear and tear.
  • I love having the choice and the capacity to do a 6am gym class on most days, but I HATE (yes, correct use of word here) having to get out of bed, especially in winters. IF I held on the feelings of the hatred that I have for the mornings, I would never make room for anything else that I feel.
  • I love how my house makes my family and me feel safe and secure and yet experience tiredness in trying to manage it.
  • I love having a family to call my own and love being needed by them and yet I crave moments of no responsibilities.
  • I love and yet experience feelings of tiredness, frustration, disappointment, dread, stress etc. But I focus on the love and act out of it, just letting all the other stuff be there, somewhere in the background.
What do you LOVE and yet experience challenging feelings towards?

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