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Raising the Next Generation

Parenting can be so many things in one. It is joyful, satisfying, frustrating and tiring to say the least. But most importantly, it is a very POWERFUL role. And sometimes I feel sad when I find parents not recognising the amount of power and influence they have over how they raise this next generation they have created. They fail to recognise that their children are watching them – their moves, their behaviour, their values, their interactions, their speech, their perceptions etc and will absorb a lot from them and in some ways, the children will be like their parents. So its us as parents who are shaping their minds and their lives. Yes the peer influences have their own place when the children are a little older, but its the parents that get the ground rules happening and the core values developing. Rather than TEACHING our children various aspects of life, its more important to recognise than we end up SHOWING them what life is all about. So lets:

  • Show our children how to take pride in every thing they do, regardless of the end result. This builds self esteem as well as confidence
  • Show them how to recognise various emotions in others and find ways to validate and address them. This builds empathy
  • Show them how to handle and accept shortcomings . This builds resilience.
  • Show them how to interact with peers and build relationships. Show them how to have various degrees of relationships with those around them so they learn to invest their emotions wisely and have realistic expectations in return. This will show them how to build their tribe!
  • Show them how to be passionate about something and give it everything you have. This will show them how to be committed and persistent.
  • Show them how to RESPECTFULLY disagree with someone and get your point across, this will show them how to resolve conflicts.
  • And most importantly, Show them how you LOVE and RESPECT yourself ! Show them how to put themselves first in most equation and care for their own feelings without worrying what others think. Show them how to own their feelings and respect them, regardless of the cost. Show them how to be true to themselves and fearlessly follow their heart. Show them how to know what they are worth (which should be a lot) and how to settle for nothing less than what they deserve. Show them how to not put up with bad behaviour of any sorts coz they deserve to be treated with respect at any age and stage in their lives. And show them that Love and Respect begin from Self. If they don’t Love and Respect themselves enough, it could get challenging in others in their lives to do the same!
And showing them how to LOVE and RESPECT themselves breeds confidence, builds strength, brings peace and happiness.
Happy Parenting!

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