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Favourite things (5 of 5) – Creating something !

Creating together create strong memories and bonds between individuals.Its not just about the end product but more about the process involved, the sense of ownership that everyone shares can be extremely powerful. In my household, we create, only because we love to interact. Baking with my 6 year old is one of my most enjoyable activities. We have gone from knowing how to bake only chocolate baked cakes and cupcakes to making various protein bars, healthy muffins and non baked protein balls! I have invested in good pair of child friendly knives and peelers which enables and encourages him to ‘be a big boy’ and help me prepare veggies for various meals. This also contributes towards him wanting to eat what he has help make. Four of us also sit together to make art together (which usually ends up in the recycling bin in a couple of weeks, without the kids noticing its gone) – cutting, pasting and painting on old cardboard boxes. We also sit and colour in different sheets of pages, usually with some soothing music playing in the background – its a great activity to centre everyone and get some quiet time in.

Things to remember

Yes, it can be messy – cooking or making art work. But its so so so  worth it !!! Yes, it adds to your list of chores to seek help for and finish – but heres where you can set boundaries at the start and announce that you will expect and require your children’s help to clean up / pack up after wards. Creating foods together also educate children on various age groups AND they learn the recipes! I only bake or cook new things if my child promises to read and guide me through the recipe; great way to get them reading and memorising more.

Happy Creating!

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