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Favourite things (3 of 5) – Housework!!

In any functioning household, the sink or the laundry baskets are never empty! Or never empty for more than a few minutes if that.. I am a strong believer of starting good habits early on, so they strengthen as the children grow into teenagers and young adults. One of my (maybe not the children’s, and thats OK with me) favourite activities to involve the kids in is everyday housework. No, its not a part of their chores as those usually involve cleaning up after themselves. But housework as a family means working well together as a team to make our living space clean and safe! This task is made more fun by putting some peppy / favourite music on and sometimes a reward at the end. Reward, not a bribe. My children understand the importance of working together around the house, they may not like to do it all the time (and neither do I) but I show them my appreciation to them verbally and by reading an extra book/chapter at bedtime or with a trip to the park!

Things to remember

Explain to your children in minimum words your rules, your values towards your household and the meaning of teamwork as a family – if it applies to you. Remember that this activity is an investment into their future like any other. Undertaking responsible acts will not only contribute towards your children growing up as responsible adults, but also enhance their self confidence and sense of pride. I believe it is important for any child to recognise that ‘sometimes we all do things we don’t necessarily like because it is good for us!’, like eating broccoli.

Good luck and have fun getting help!

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