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Favourite Things (1 of 5) – Floor Time

When we decide to do floor time, that is exactly what we do, spend time, on the floor, with each other. This is when my children (in turn) decide what it is that they would like to do with me. The flavour of the month (or rather this year so far) has been reading, so I take turns in reading whatever it is that they want me to them, one by one. It could be a story book or an advertisement catalogue – the choice is their. They have learnt to wait their turns and I randomly pick who gets to go first. At times they decide to read to each other and I sit and absorb the peace and quiet (which don’t always last long). Floor time could also include making cubby houses or playing board games.

Things to remember:

Its a great way to sit down and take a break from tasks yourself (yes, you come first!), maybe with a cup of tea even? Relatively quiet floor time also provides a parent with an opportunity to observe and comment on some of the strengths your child may display. Some of the things for me (children 6 and 2) to look out for are – fine motor skills, literacy and numeracy skills and even behaviours such as using their manners, ability to share (with you or another sibling) or learning to be patient to wait for their turn. Your child could use this time to ask for help with an activity or show off something new they have learnt 🙂 Floor time also encourages a child to be confined to a limited space and be okay with the fact that they don’t have to physically but mentally occupy themselves.

Good luck and don’t forget to pack up!

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