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The Five Senses Game

Often when kids are over stimulated, it can be hard to get them to do anything you want. We can’t blame them as their brains are in the over drive mode and cannot comprehend beyond their capacity. It might be helpful to do some grounding exercise to help them well ground themselves before they can change an activity or undertake a new one. The five senses ‘game’ is a favourite one in our house maybe because it is so simple. Based on the principles of mindfulness, we use all our senses to notice our surroundings:
Sitting in one spot, what are the different things you can see
What does the air smell like?
What are the different things you can hear?
What is the taste in your mouth?
What are you feeling with your hands?

Mr.6 also randomly applies this to Mindful Eating, especially when he wants a piece of chocolate to last longer

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