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tipping point

Tipping point

A wise friend once told me, unless you reach your tipping point, you aren’t serious to make any significant changes in your life. This ideology has stuck to me and I use it on a daily basis with the clients.
I define tipping point as a moment in your life when you have fallen off the edge (in some form or the other) and the reality has bitten you like never before. It is this moment when you truly believe you can’t take ‘this’ no more and change has to happen. It is after this moment that you are willing to try almost anything to bring about the much needed change in your life and even though there may be roadblocks along the way causing your motivation levels to vary, but that one moment has stung you so bad, your underlying aim and belief regarding the ‘need for change’ remained unharmed.
The intensity of the tipping point varies from one person to the next depending on the various factors that make us into the individual that we are. The tipping point is likely to be one of the lowest moments in someone’s life. And yet it’s the moment that defines the rest of your life.
I have observed that for some individuals, it takes a lot of factors to make them want to change. They are set in their ways and even though they may not always be comfortable with the way things are, change seems to difficult or uncomfortable for them.
‘When you feel like quitting, think about why you started’! I see this plastered around the gym I work at and it’s appropriate and applicable to all walks of life. The reason why you start making some major and important changes are the reasons that stop you from giving up. You recognise these reasons at your tipping point.
The reasons for change are accompanied by a physical situation, internal feelings and thoughts associated with them all. It is important to highlight this moment in a way that it can be mentally revisited when the motivation varies.

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