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Raising Confident and Assertive kids

Summary of some of the articles and studies that I recently went through, these seem to be some simple ways to improve a child’s confidence and boost their assertiveness skills

  • Let your children undertake more activities, especially everyday ones like brushing teeth or getting dressed. Achievement leads to and boosts perceived sense of confidence.
  • Constant words of encouragement and praise don’t hurt either!
  • Encouraging the kids to stick to a task and complete it regardless of the outcome
  • Independence grooms confidence
  • Dont rescue them, let them take the fall and THEN help them recover
  • Letthem make own choices and pointing out the consequences of some not so good choices. Let them see the result for themselves unless its really harmful in which case you need to intervene
  • Monkey see, Monkey do. Show them how to expressing themselves assertively while doing so yourself.
  • Create boundaries for your kids and let them see you say ‘no’ without feeling guilty. Explain to them how saying ‘no’ was the right thing to do despite internal struggles and feelings of guilt.
  • Spend quality time with them! The feeling of being wanted and needed by the parents works wonders for a child’s sense of self.

And lets all remember, how we deal with our children NOW (early years) is going to impact them for the rest of their lives


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  1. rupal says:

    I am putting this up on my fridge! Thanks for making it crisp and clear.

    This will go on not just for me but also for others to know how I would like to raise my child whether I am presen or not.

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