Monthly Archive: March 2013

Walk your worries away!

I mean it! Just put on your runners or some other form of comfortable shoes and get moving! We all know that exercise should be an important part of our daily routine but we don’t always do things that are good for us. Years of research have proved that regular exercise can be highly beneficial […]


Domestic Engineer

I recently reunited with a few school girlfriends through a chat application which gave us all a chance to communicate with each other on a more regular basis than a status ‘like’ here on there on Facebook. Ongoing discussions revealed that a few ladies were fortunate enough to manage their house and children and did […]


Self Care

Some clients often seek counselling on experiencing what they describe as a ‘Burnout’. They report feeling physically exhausted, demotivated, over thinking things, often snappy or irritable and have difficulty sleeping. These clients – often ladies AND mums describe themselves as ‘being on the go’ most of the time. They are often managing some form of […]