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Here I am !

Its taken me longer to learn to use this blog than completing my Degrees; and believe me I feel like I was studying forever! Anyway there is alot to learn about this and I am sure I ll get there. But…here I am so lets cut to the chase

Through this blog I aim to put my thoughts out there. My way of life, suggestions or theories may not be adaptable or acceptable by many of you – and that is when I would love a comment or feedback or even a healthy debate of what it could be all about. I will aim to back some of my theories with research or provide weblinks for further reading or to show you where my chain of thoughts generated from. If no weblink or references are provided, the information provided or shared are my personal opinion ONLY. Through my cultural background, education and professional experience as well as exposure to the Australian way of life – I have formed my own eclectic life style which seems to work for my family for now. And I say ‘for now’ because our needs are constantly changing, and what suits us today may not work tomorrow. (You will often read references to my son as P or Junior and my husband as S)